Ricky Boyd


Sanlam - Choir

Director: Karien Cherry @Giant Films

Chicken Licken "Sbu 2.0"

Director: Greg Gray @ RomanceFilms


Director: Anton Visser @Patriot

Allan Grey "Father's Share"

Director: Peter Pohorsky @ Plank

Volkswagen "Beware The Confidence"

Director: Greg Gray @ RomanceFilms

MTN "The Sweater"

Director: Anton Visser @ PatriotFilms

VW "On the Road"

Director: Kim Geldenhuys at 0307 

Allan Gray - Beautiful

Director: Keith Rose


Ricky Boyd started in the industry as a sound engineer in 1989, and while gaining valuable experience with many aspects of TV production and advertising, finally settled into film editing.

Since then, his work has won various Local and International Awards and he tries to maintain a balance between that and the life he enjoys with his family in his home town, Cape Town.