Gordon Midgley


Sanlam - Live With Confidence

Director: Karien Cherry

Editor: Gordon Midgley


Editor: Gordon Midgley @Deliverance

Director: Bruno Bossi @Carbon Films

Nelson Mandela Foundation

Directo: Kim Geldenhuys @0307

CANSA - Don't fear the finger

Editor: Gordon Midgely @Deliverance

Director: MJ @Romance Films

Editor: Gordon Midgely @Deliverance

Director: Kim Geldenhuys @0307

Nederburg "Story"

Editor: Gordon Midgley at Deliverance Post
Director: Bruno Bossi @ Carbon

Nedbank "Birds Eye View"

Editor: Gordon Midgley at Deliverance Post
Director: Kim Geldenhuys @ 0307

Absolut Music Video

Editor: Gordon Midgley  @Deliverance Post
Director: Sunu @ Egg Films

Savanna - Friend

Director: Greg Gray

Editor: Gordon Midgley

Post Production: Dave Oosthuizen


Gordon has a love affair for sound and visuals & revels in the edit suite. Over the years he has merged the creative side of storytelling, with the technical challenges of filmmaking to become an experienced and skilled editor. He has collaborated with great people on numerous inspiring and memorable projects. In a constantly evolving industry he loves keeping up with new technologies and workflows that allow him to add to his expertise.