Deliverance consists of two off-line Media Composer edit suites, a Flame 2015 online suite, production office, 
client lounge, and outside smoking area for those who still feel the need.


Having worked with many editing systems over the years, we finally settled with AVID as the system of choice
for off-line at Deliverance, and with the ever chainging face of post production today, Deliverance has now invested
in a new 2015 Flame which allows us to finish work in up to 4k resolution.  The Flame suite also boasts a
collection of production and design tools including a DaVinci Resolve color grading suite which David expertly
utilizes in the composites. 

Today Deliverance is not only a respected, award winning editing Post House, it can now offer an option
for all your Post Production needs from off-line to delivery.